Okinawa Flower Carnival2021/08/19 10:19

Although Okinawa may not have four distinct seasons, when January comes along, the cherry blossoms start to bloom, and you can feel the arrival of spring.
Did you know that unlike the main island of Japan, where it is still cold, in warm Okinawa, many flowers can be seen during winter, from January through May, and many flower-themed events are held here?

Okinawa is abound with flower-themed events, starting with Motobu Yaedake, Nakijin Castle Ruins and Nago cherry blossom festivals!

Due to the spread of COVID-19, events such as the Cosmos Fair held at Haneji, Nago City after the rice harvest, when the rice fields transform into a pink carpet of cosmos flowers, and Kitanakagusuku Village’s Sunflower Festival, the earliest sunflower festival of the year in Japan where 200,000 sunflowers can be seen, have been cancelled this year.
However, not all events have been cancelled. Did you know that there is a spot where you can bring your own lunch and enjoy a picnic under the warm weather?

It’s the Tropical Dream Center, located in Okinawa Commemorative National Government Park (Ocean Expo Park).
This year, during early February, visitors could see about 80,000 tulips, as well as sunflowers on display there.

Check the official website for information on next year’s events and to see when the flowers are in bloom!

Ocean Expo Park:

And it’s not only during the day when you can see a variety of colorful flowers.

“The Path of Light”, where you can enjoy the brilliance of spring, is being held at Southeast Botanical Garden until May 9!

The bougainvillea, tulip-shaped lights, and lotus flower-shaped lights covering the water’s surface are simply magical.

Enjoy Okinawa during the spring, when you can admire an array of colorful flowers – a sight that contrasts with Okinawa’s summer scenery.