2021/12/08 11:35
Novel Coronavirus (COVID -19)


Special emergency measures have been set in place in Okinawa Prefecture, and will be in effect between December 10 and January 12.2021/01/02 20:14

For those traveling to Okinawa during the Near Year’s Holidays, we ask for your cooperation regarding the following 3 points.

1.As the remote islands have a weak medical system, we ask that you avoid traveling between them, as well as between the main island and the remote islands. Depending on the state of the pandemic, we may ask that visitors avoid traveling to the remote islands if a request to self-quarantine has been issued on the islands.

2.Please avoid engaging in any activities that may increase your risk for infection during the 2 weeks before your trip to Okinawa, keep yourself in good physical health, and consider postponing your trip if you begin feeling unwell.

3.If you are planning to do your hatsumode (first shrine visit of the New Year) in Okinawa, please avoid large crowds and wear a mask.

Although travel to Okinawa may be different than usual this year, we kindly ask for your understanding.