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Local Bus Trip Part 1-1 (Leaves from the Bus Terminal)2021/02/01 13:26

Let’s go around Okinawa by local bus!
I made a bus trip trying the “Okinawa Bus Pass” ♪

Hi everyone!
This time, we’ll introduce an attractive bus trip for those who are uneasy or not good at driving a car and want to go sightseeing using only public transportation ♪

Even if it’s an informal bus trip, don’t worry if you are not familiar with using the bus in a place where you don’t understand the language and do not know the place ^^
At the “Okinawa Multilingual Contact Center“, you can be assisted by phone, you can also hear the system number information of the stops around your destination and the number of the bus you are boarding on!

▼Public services for foreign tourists operated by Okinawa Prefecture
Okinawa Multilingual Contact Center
We provide tourist information, interpreting services, and emergency support in Okinawa.

If you want to travel by bus in Okinawa, go to “Naha Bus Terminal”!

The “Naha Bus Terminal” is a departure and arrival point for route buses and regular tour buses that run from the northern to the southern part of the main island of Okinawa.
There are 11 platforms in the terminal and the platforms vary by system number.

There is also a panel showing the destination and the time of departure or arrival of the bus on each platform. It can be automatically switched to multiple languages too, so even people who don’t understand Japanese can feel safe ♪

There’s also a waiting area in the terminal attached to a convenience store. It’s very convenient for a little shopping before getting on the bus. Since the platform is built around the waiting area, you can rest assured that the distance is short.

In addition, on the 2nd floor of the terminal building, there’s also a multilingual tourist information center called “Okinawa Tourist Information Center“.
You can collect information, ask questions, and make reservations for activities before you leave, so it’s a good idea to stop by ^^

Okinawa Tourist Information Center (Terminal 2nd floor)

By the way, here you can also purchase the “Okinawa Bus Pass” that is convenient for traveling by bus.
100% recommended pass, which allows unlimited rides on the target main island route bus within the period ♪

▼Great pass information for going around by bus
Okinawa Bus Pass Route

It is also sold on the 1st floor of the terminal where the platform is located