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【Local Bus Trip Part 1-2 (Standard Course: Strolling around Shuri Castle)】2021/02/01 13:23

From Naha Bus Terminal
Let’s go around “Shuri” by bus ♪

“Shuri” prospered as the royal capital of the Ryukyu Kingdom, and is an area where historical sites, townscapes, and nature remain strong. It’s also said to be the production center of Okinawa’s famous sake “Awamori”.

There are many historical atmospheres on the paths that cannot be reached by car, and it’s a perfect town to take a walk while traveling by bus ♪

This time, we will introduce you three attractive bus stops of “Shuri” that can be reached from “Naha Bus Terminal” and information about the surrounding area!

It’s also possible to take the Okinawa city monorail “Yui Rail” halfway, get on at the “Shuri station square bus stop” under Shuri station, and get off at the following bus stop!

Shurijo Koen Iriguchi Bus Stop

About 30 minutes by bus from Naha Bus Terminal

Within 1 minute walk from the bus stop

In the store attached to the brewery, you can enjoy craft beer made by German craftsmen! There is a wide variety of beers, from draft beer (5 types) that you can drink on the spot to bottled beer (9 types) that you can take home.

The brewery that can be seen through the glass, so COOL!

There is no need to worry about driving because you are traveling by bus, and the sake you have on the terrace is sure to be even more delicious!

HEFEWEIZEN (unfiltered white beer using wheat malt)

Shurijo Castle Illumination
Within 1 minute walk from the bus stop

At Shurijo Castle, you can see the castle and exterior facilities lit up from sunset to 24:00. You can’t enter the castle after the park is closed, but it’s nice to be able to see the beautiful scenery from outside the castle.

he light reflected on Ryutan Pond is also fantastic.