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【Local Bus Trip Part 1-4 (Strolling around Shuri Castle & experiencing Okinawan culture)】2021/02/01 13:09

Yamakawa Bus Stop

This bus stop is recommended for those who want to take a long walk along the road to Shurijo Castle!

About 30 minutes by bus from Naha Bus Terminal

Shuri Ryusen
Within 5 minutes walk from the bus stop

Shuri Ryusen has three floors, on the first floor you can purchase works such as Bingata and coral dyeing while feeling the hearth of a traditional Japanese house ♪

On the 2nd floor, you can experience coral dyeing using Okinawa’s unique corals. Design and dye to your liking with your favorite colors! It will be a great souvenir.

On the 3rd floor, you can enjoy the beautiful space where the works are colorfully spread to the ceiling and watch the craftsmen when dyeing Bingata.

You can enjoy the unique culture of Japan and Okinawa just by entering the store, so it’s a recommended spot for people who like crafts and Japanese culture ♪

Pocket Money
Within 5 minutes walk from the bus stop

Diagonally across from Shuri Ryusen, there is a long-established curry specialty store that has been around for 30 years!

Authentic Indian curry is delicious, but Japanese curry is characterized by its thickness. Japanese curry is very popular for overseas, but you can eat it here at a reasonable price♪

If you are new to Japanese curry, why don’t feel free to try it between walks?

If you order curry, you will get a drink as a service ♪

Indian style chicken curry + topping (saury fry)

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Feel free to take a bus tour around “Shuri” from “Naha Bus Terminal” where most buses pass!
The scenery of Okinawa seen from the relaxing local bus window is also attractive ♪