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Bus Trip Part 2 Okinawa Island’s Central Area2021/08/19 10:31

When it comes to the central area, one has to mention the famous American Village, right?♪

Although some of you may have visited them before, today, we would like to introduce Kadena and Yomitan Village! You will take various local busses on this trip.

First, take bus No. 23 from bus stop No. 4 at Naha Bus Terminal. The ride will be about an hour long, during which you can enjoy the scenery from the bus’s windows. You will get off at Yamazato bus stop.

From the bus stop where you get off, transfer to bus No. 62 and get off at Kadena Undo Koen (sports ground), and you will arrive at Michi-no-eki Kadena (Kadena Roadside Station), your first destination!

The recommended spot at the roadside station is the observation deck on the building’s fourth floor!

From there, you will have a sweeping view of the Kadena Air Base, the largest military base in the Far East, and you can get a sense of Okinawa’s ambience. And for those seeking unique souvenirs, we recommend the US military merchandise, which you can only get there.

The next destination is Zakimi Castle Ruins.

From the bus stop where you got off (Kadena Undo Koen (sports ground)), get on bus No. 62 again and head to Takashiho Iriguchi (Takashiho Entrance) bus stop!
*Although the nearest bus stop is Zakimi, the bus only stop there 6 times a day. If your timing is right, you can also get off at Zakimi bus stop.

After getting off, walk to Zakimi Castle Ruins♪

Before you explore Zakimi Castle Ruins, let’s learn about history at the Yuntanza Museum♪

On the first floor, there is an exhibit on the natural and cultural heritage of Yomitan Village and Zakimi Castle Ruins. On the second floor is an exhibit on the Battle of Okinawa.

Museum Hours : 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Doors close at 5:30 PM)
Museum Holidays : Wednesdays; December 28 – January 4
*If a Wednesday falls on a Japanese public holiday, the museum will be closed the following day.

Zakimi Castle Ruins is open 24 hours, so you can enjoy different views in the early morning and in the evening.
During winter, you can also see the castle ruins illuminated.

When you reach the top of the castle walls, you will have a view of the East China Sea. On a clear day, you can also see Ie Island on the right, and the Kerama Islands on the left. As the castle walls are quite high, be sure to watch your step so as not to fall off.

After exploring the castle, take a short break while enjoying zenzai (red bean soup) at Tsurukamedo, famous for their Okinawa zenzai♪

Next, it’s time to enjoy a kaisen-don (seafood rice bowl) at Yomitan Fishery Cooperative Society (Toya Fishing Port)♪

Take bus No. 28 or No. 62 from Takashiho Iriguchi on the side opposite of where you got off. Take the bus to Toya bus stop and get off there. After that, it’s just about a 10-minute walk away♪

On the first floor, they sell tempura and fresh fish. And on the second floor, you can enjoy your meal with a view of the sea.

Maguro-don (Tuna sashimi rice bowl)

On your way back, get on No. 28 or 29 from the bus stop where you got off, and it will take you back to Naha Bus Terminal, which is the final stop. If you take bus No. 228, the final stop will be Omoromachi Ekimae Hiroba (Omoromachi Station Square). After you get off there, if you transfer to the monorail, it will take you towards Kokusai Dori (Kokusai St.) and Naha Bus Terminal.

So what do you think of this bus trip around the central area of Okinawa Island?

There are many more attractive destinations in addition to those we introduced today.

Go on a bus trip and discover a destination that’s special to you♪